Ingenuity Online

Designed and Built for Nottingham Business School by Cloud Enterprise in Manchester


Meet Our Customer

Please tell us who you are

We are Professor Martin Binks, Dean of University of Nottingham Business School and Professor Simon Mosey Director of The Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (HGI).

Tell us about IngenuityOnline

The Ingenuity process has been developed through many years of work by the University of Nottingham Business School. It aims solve the challenges all around us by showing practitioners how to be clever, original and inventive. We wanted a much wider audience to experience with what we have discovered and set about delivering that online.

Who uses the Ingenuity Process?

The technique has been learnt by over 15,000 students, business leaders and entrepreneurs from 32 countries worldwide.

What kind of challenges has Ingenuity been applied to?

Challenges can come from all walks of life and impact real people and businesses in the most profound way. For example, a recent NHS conference saw 400 staff use Ingenuity to tackle the challenge of preventing high risk renal patients from losing their legs. All kinds of business leaders from SMEs to global conglomerates have also applied Ingenuity to the challenges within their organisations.

What were you looking for in a software partner?

Having enlisted London based technology consultants HartSquare to scout the market far and wide we formed the persona of what a partner would look like. Whilst it was clear that the partner needed to have expertise in building Software as a Service, we also wanted an organisation who could understand the essence of Ingenuity, be capable or translating that online and deliver the whole thing internationally. Yes it was a big ask.

Why did you choose Cloud Enterprise?

From the start, we were amazed by the effort Cloud Enterprise put into understanding Ingenuity and our customers. Most of the organisations we met wanted to squeeze Ingenuity to their platform or technology. Cloud Enterprise had a very different approach, they presented a no limits vision of how IngenuityOnline could be and a plan on getting there. Very impressive.

What would you say to others looking to get technology online?

We would recommend talking to Cloud Enterprise without hesitation. Whatever you end up doing, look for a supplier who is capable of understanding what you have and brings fresh vision on how to deliver that online. Good luck!

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