Working in partnership with the University of Manchester UMI3 to bring award winning Exgence technology online


Meet Our Customer

Please tell us who you are

We are Dr Leanne Burgin Team leader of IP Development and Partnering at UMI3 and Erol Chioasca one of the founders of Exgence

So tell us about Exgence

Exgence is a new technology pioneered at the School of Computer Science by myself [Erol Chioasca], Joel Letsholo and Dr Liping Zhao. Basically, it gets computers to read documents and translate the information into diagrams. By using pictorial information, it allows us humans to absorb the information more easily.

Is it true that it has already won multiple awards?

Err, yes I guess so. Exgence was voted as the best undergraduate software at the Automated Software Engineering conference in Silicon Valley and recently won the prestigious Venture Further award along with a £10,000 prize. It has been amazing so far.

Impressive, where does it go from here?

Our strategy is to offer the technology online through software that is really easy to use. Anyone in any role can pick it up and use it. Google does this very well by squeezing an enormous amount of technology behind a single search box. We aim to do the same with Exgence.

Leanne, how is the University supporting the venture?

Commercialising research from the University’s leading teams is very much at the core of what we do at UMI3. It is often difficult for young ventures to attract the kind of support that allows them to really take off. Under UMI3, Exgence has been surrounded with expertise that will allow it to flourish. This has included patents, bringing in mentors and partners to start-up funding, all in one package.

How does Cloud Enterprise fit into your plans?

We set about looking for a software partner who could deliver our vision and Cloud Enterprise came with recommendation from our networks. We are now working together to deliver the Exgence technology through a Cloud product.

What would you say to others who have developed exciting technology?

We have been extremely lucky to have the full support of an organisation like UMI3. Working with them I have learnt that a business needs many skills to grow and finding the right people and partners is the most important thing you can do. If you have great technology I would advise you to find people who can help you cross into the commercial world.

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