CNH Property Group

Tailor made to fit a culture of commercial success through innovation by Cloud Enterprise at MediaCity UK


Meet Our Customer

Please tell us who you are

Hi, Robert Chan CEO of CNH Property Group

Tell us about your business

We manage an international property portfolio in Asia

What were you looking to do online?

As I am sure would be familiar to many companies, our growth in recent years has outpaced the evolution of systems and procedures used to run the business. This was a cause of concern and one of my first jobs after being made CEO was to appoint an experienced software company to modernise the infrastructure.

So what’s the next step for you project?

Having completed a redesign of an isolated portion of the system, we are now moving to the next phase focusing on tracking and reporting. There is still a lot to do but I can now put my attention to getting buy in from the whole business and trust Cloud Enterprise to making the technology happen.

How have you found working with Cloud Enterprise so far?

It’s been excellent. Their advice and expertise has helped us to make much better decisions on this project. What we originally thought would be a 6 month project is now a fully considered multiphase rollout over 3 years. That is exactly what you need a supplier to do, compliment the skills of your team.

What would you say to others looking to upgrade a legacy system?

Efficient systems is directly linked to your profitability. If you’re facing a project like ours, get software professionals to help you make the right decisions. Also, it all takes time, if you know something isn’t right bite the bullet and start sooner rather than later